Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is a ceremony where different colored sands are poured into a single container. This single container can be a vase, a frame, or another type of container. The purpose of the ceremony is to symbolize the joining of two families. This ceremony can take place between the bride and groom, the bride and groom and children (we see this a lot when one or both of the parents are becoming step-parents), bride and groom and parents. The meaning is personal to each couple. Click here for some additional information regarding the sand ceremony.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a ceremony to signify the combining of two families. There is no religious significance associated with the ceremony. There are usually 3 candles setup on a table near the alter. There will be two smaller candles and then one large candle. In the wedding ceremonies, we have witnessed, the mothers will go up before the bridal party goes down the aisle and light the two smaller candles. Sometime during the ceremony, the officiant will discuss the unity candle and then the bride and groom will take the smaller candles and together light the big candle. The bride and groom will then blow out each other’s candle signifying the end of their individual chapters and starting their new chapter of life as husband and wife. Click here for some additional information regarding the Unity Candle Ceremony.

Unity Cross Ceremony

The Unity Cross is a Registered Trademark of Michael Letney. The bride and groom assemble the cross. This is a religious ceremony symbolizing that Christ is at the center of their marriage. You can order engraved crosses here. You can find out more about the ceremony by clicking here

Wine Box Ceremony

The Wine Box Ceremony is a ceremony where a bottle of wine and two glasses are set into a box. The box can be purchased at numerous places. If you would like it engraved, you could purchase it from here. We are not associated with any manufacturer. We just try to help out our couples with suggestions. The bride and groom will write love letters to each other. The ceremony begins with the bride and groom placing the letters into the box and sealing the box. The box should then be opened on the couples 1 year anniversary. However, we have also seen it where the couple opens it on their first fight and reads the love letters in a way to remember why they love each other. You can find out more about the ceremony by clicking here. This site mentions that the bride and groom waits till their 5th anniversary. There are numerous reasons why to open the box. This is up to you. It is your day and ultimately your choice. 

Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

The Cord of Three Strands Ceremony is a religious ceremony. There will be a platform, usually an easel type platform hanging the three cords. The center cord represents God. The other two cords represent the bride and groom. During the ceremony, the bride and groom will wrap their cords around the center symbolizing that God is the center of your marriage. You can find out some additional information regarding this ceremony by clicking here.

Lasso Ceremony

The Lasso Ceremony is where a rope is placed on the shoulders of the bride and groom in the infinity symbol representing everlasting love. This is done after they exchange their vows. The couple wears the lasso throughout the remainder of the ceremony. There are some variations. You can find out more about this ceremony by clicking here

Tree Ceremony

The Tree Ceremony is where the bride and groom will plant a tree during the ceremony. They will have a potted tree setup on a table with two small containers of dirt, a couple gardening trowels, and a small watering can. The couple will then put the dirt in with the tree and water the tree. The premise is that the bride and groom will then plan the tree in their yard and it will grow as their love grows. You can find out more about this ceremony by clicking here.

These are only some of the many events we have seen performed during ceremonies. Melissa, our wedding coordinator, is happy to discuss these and many more in much greater detail. She is an expert in wedding ceremonies and coordination. She has planned or assisted in planning over 300 weddings! Contact her today to discuss your ceremony!


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